Lambda Ladies

Today I attended Iota Phi Lambda’s 15th annual business luncheon honoring outstanding business and professional women with my mama.  This was the 6th year we’ve gone and I look forward to the event each time it rolls around.  Our dear family friend, Karen, is the current chapter president, and her involvement with Gamma Nu has allowed my mama and I to become acquainted with a wonderful network of women.

What makes this group special is their commitment to a set of higher values.   Each one  of these ladies promotes the ideals of higher education, and works to motivate women to achieve the highest level of business acumen within their chosen professions.

(The original 7)

I’m currently an active member of Alpha Kappa Psi, which is America’s oldest professional business fraternity (fraternity because it’s coed).  Today allowed me to reflect on what it means to be a part of such a network, and how I intend to carry the values of AKPsi with me as I leave Santa Clara University.  It also gave me a chance to reconsider our fraternity’s dress code.

There was not one woman in the crowd who didn’t have a fabulous hat on.  Did anyone else know that there are 8 commandments on hat wearing?!  These ladies are serious about pizzazz!  Had I opted for this crucial feature, instead of going for my banal grey business suit, I would have chosen something like the two on the left…

Hats off to you Lambda ladies, and until next year!




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